Our Vision

The Luton Food Poverty Alliance believe that the local community should have access to resources that help them in times of food poverty, so that they can adequately feed themselves and their families with nutritious food.

Our vision is that all Luton residents should:

  1. Feel confident to buy and cook low cost fresh food, through education and awareness
  2. Be aware of food growing spaces that they can use for free
  3. Be aware of where food banks are and how to access them
  4. Know how they can share fresh food that they have grown with others
  5. Engage pupils in learning how to grow and prepare fresh veg at school.


By increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables across Luton (and through a reduction in the consumption of sugar and trans-fats) it is hoped that the number of deaths from coronary heart disease and cancer can be reduced.  Alongside this it is hoped that nutrition and well-being will be improved.  Currently the consumption of fruit and vegetables in Luton is half the recommendation (only 2.4 portions per day).

The Luton Food Poverty Alliance Action Plan

The Luton Food Poverty Alliance (LFPA) are a group of individuals and organisations working together to highlight and reduce the incidence of food poverty in Luton. The LFPA Action Plan details the vision, purpose and actions of the alliance.

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