FREE Vouchers

With Healthy Start, you get free vouchers every week to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk. You can also get free vitamins.

You could qualify for the vouchers if:

A) You’re on benefits and are at least 10 weeks pregnant.

B) You’re on benefits and have a child under 4 years old.

C) You are not on benefits but you’re under 18 and pregnant.

If you are pregnant or have a child under four years old you could get Healthy Start vouchers to help buy some basic foods. This important means-tested scheme provides vouchers to spend with local retailers. Pregnant women and children over one and under four years old can get one £3.10 voucher per week (increasing to £4.25 from April 2021). Children under one year old can get two £3.10 vouchers (£6.20) per week (increasing to £8.50 from April 2021).

The vouchers can be spent on:

  • Plain cow’s milk – whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed. It can be pasteurised, sterilised, long life or UHT
  • Fresh, frozen and tinned fruit and vegetables including loose, pre-packed, whole, sliced, chopped or mixed fruit or vegetables, fruit in fruit juice, or fruit or vegetables in water, but not those to which fat, salt, sugar or flavouring have been added
  • Fresh, dried and tinned pulses, including but not limited to lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas but not those to which fat, salt, sugar or flavouring have been added
  • Infant formula milk that says it can be used from birth and is based on cow’s milk.
  • Women and children getting Healthy Start food vouchers also get vitamin coupons to swap for free Healthy Start vitamins. Healthy Start vitamins are specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women and growing children.

Claim your free fruit, vegetables and milk at these retailers and many more in Luton.

Further information can be found here:

Over £200,000 worth of vouchers are not claimed in Luton each year.

Did you know?


How to apply?

Healthy Start helpline on: 0345 607 6823
The address to send applications to: Healthy Start Issuing Unit Freepost RRTY-SYAE-JKCR PO Box 1067 Warrington WA55 1EG


Shops that exchange Healthy Start vouchers
for milk, fruit and vegetables


Bajwa Off Licence - 76 Dumfries Street Luton LU1 5BU

Continentel Store - 87-89 Chapel Street Luton Beds LU1 5DD

Sainsburys –34 Dunstable Road, Luton Bedfordshire LU1 1DY

Superdrug - 69-73 The Arndale Centre Luton Bedforshire LU1 2TJ

Co-op - Whipperly Ring Luton Bedfordshire LU1 5RD

Co-op – Manor Road, Cddington LU1 4EE

Manns Food Store - 10-12 Market Square Farley Hill Luton Beds LU1 5RD

Boots The Chemist –Arndale Centre, Luton LU1 2BG

Wilkinson - 141/147 Arndale Centre Luton Bedfordshire LU1 2TN

Tesco - 57 Luton Arndale Centre Luton Bedfordshire LU1 2LL

Farm Foods Luton –The Arndale, Luton LU1 2BA

Rockley Food and Wine – 30 rockley road, Farley Hill LU1 5 RW

Iceland – 51-61 Park Street LU1 3JX

LIDL – Francis Street, Luton LU1 1HU



Kasa Convenience Store - 260a Ashcroft Road Luton Bedfordshire LU2 9AB

Ghuman Supermarket - 176 Ashcroft Road Luton Bedfordshire LU2 9AY

Co-op –78 Wigmore Lane, Luton Bedfordshire LU2 8AB

Hart Store - 12 Hart Lane Luton LU2 0JQ

Wigmore Park - 9 Wigmore Park Centre Wigmore Park Luton Beds LU2 9XG

Iceland - Unit 3 Wigmore Park Ctr Luton Bedfordshire LU2 9TA

Asda Luton - Wigmore Hall Centre Luton LU2 9TA

Wilkinson - 141/147 Arndale Centre Luton Bedfordshire LU1 2TN

Tesco - 57 Luton Arndale Centre Luton Bedfordshire LU1 2LL

Farm Foods Luton - Luton LU1 2BA

LLFI grocers – 341 Hitchin Road, Luton LU2 7SW



Tesco - 58-60 Calverton Road Limbury Mead Luton Bedfordshire LU3 2SZ

Tesco –32 Parade, Sundon Park, Luton LU3 3BJ

Co-op –259 Birdsfoot Lane, Luton Bedfordshire LU3 2HX

Co-op –71 Birdsfoot Lane,Luton Beds LU3 2DQ

Co-op - 151 Biscot Road, Luton LU3 1AW

Co-op - 120 Bishopscope Road, Luton LU3 1PB

Marsh Superstores – 25 Axe Close,  Luton Beds LU3 3LT

Luton - 2 Whitehorse Vale Bramingham Park Centre Luton Beds LU3 4AD

Sainsburys - Bramingham Park Luton Bedfordshire LU3 4AB

The Fruit And Veg Man - 30 Celandine Drive Luton Bedfordshire LU3 4AH

Lidl - 166-170 Marsh Road Luton LU3 2QL

NisaFoodstore - 9 - 11 Purley Centre Luton Bedfordshire LU3 3SR

Iceland - 171-177 Marsh Road Leagrave Luton LU3 2QG

Sundon Superstore, 154 Sundon Park Road, Luton LU3 3AH

Ahmed Food Stores, 2 St. Ethelbert Ave, Luton LU3 1QH



A P Dairies Ltd - 122 Oakley Road Luton LU4 9PZ

A K S Food City - 49 Waller Avenue Luton Bedfordshire LU4 9RP

Premiere News - 1 The Green Hockwell Ring Luton Bedfordshire LU4 9PG

Molly’s LTD (Nisa local) – 14 St Dominic Square, Lewsey Farm, Luton LU4 0UN

Aujla Superstore – 9-13 The Green, Hockwell Ring, Luton LU4 9PG

Brothers food TA SK Foods – 320 Dunstable Road, Luton LU4 8JP

Co-op – Dominic Square, Lewsey Farm, Luton LU4 0UN

Martins –1 Dominic Square, Lewsey Farm Luton Bedfordshire LU4 0UN

Houghton Trading Ltd –Progress Park, Ribocon Way Luton LU4 9UR

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